Blue-Eyed Devil

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Really feels good to hear the ever improving narration by Titus Welliver who was struggling in the first part not because of the voice but because of the lack of the spice of the west. Now ever thing is in order in the fourth part of Robert B. Parker’s new emerging series. Virgil Cole and Hitch started things in Appaloosa as the law enforcers of the town against the accursed enemy. Now there is a whole department working in the town, they have twelve police officers and a grim looking chief.

The chief is not the sort they wanted but everything is in spick and span so there is nothing to worry about the two have seen worse. The chief wants quick progress in his life and at present the man is eyeing for the governorship at present. Who knows he would want higher status even after that post but nothing is possible for him until the power couple is not in his favor.

He invites Cole and Hitch for a talk in his office but finds out that the two are not for sale after all. The two stand between the dreams of their rivals once again and the town expects another showdown very soon. The enemies this time are clever planner too i.e they are politicians and well connected with the police department too.

For Cole and Hitch it is like fighting against their own department to some extent and not only the two are outnumbered but they are not looking that much resourceful too. The success of this book has also made the series achieve several landmarks for Parker who is preparing to load another episode.

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