You Owe You



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You Owe You – Ignite Your Power, Your Purpose, and Your Why

Pessimist and optimist people exist side by side in this world and it is not the circumstances that make us so rather our own thinking plays a role in it. We start thinking in a negative way and go against people and society who have nothing to do with our life. We think that other people are controlling our life and this thought process makes us lose control of our life and personality at the same time.

Eric Thomas talks about this thing here in an elaborated manner because he is of the view that he too lost control of his life at a very early stage because of which he suffered a lot. He thought that the other people were hurting him but that was not the case rather his own thinking was not allowing him to take control of himself. He was never free to think independently because he was thinking about the opinions of other people.

You Owe You

Finally, there came a stage in his life when he was able to break those shackles and everything became alright for him. After breaking free from that cell that he made for himself years ago, Eric thought of helping others in this regard.

Writing this book was the first step that Eric took in order to make people realize that they have to take the control of their life into their hands first if they want to prosper. The Secret to Success comes as a next step because the philosophies in that book cannot be implemented if someone does not possess control over himself. These ideas of the author have helped many in the world so all you have to do is thttp://The Secret to Successo sit back and relax, the ideas which this book will pour into your mind will do the rest.



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