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    The book is based on personal experiences and thoughts which the author wrote down to pacify his own emotions. Still, there is a lot to learn from this book for all of us because it has a soothing or healing power in it. Sam Heughan wanted time in the open all the time so that he can relax and discover his own inner peace. Clanlands and The Clanlands Almanac talk about the same objective and it depicts the main concept of the author’s creation.

    He wanted to discover his own inner self for which he was in need of a timeout. Thus one day Sam started a journey in Scotland towards West Highland Way. It was a ninety six miles journey during which the author was not thinking about anything rather he was enjoying the scenery and was trying to cool down his mind which was full of problems.


    The thing actually worked because Sam fell in love with that scenery and he started understanding the meaning of life to its core. Friendship, relations, and love are the basic things that an individual needs in his life but these things are not easy to find if you are in a state of anxiety.

    The hustle and bustle of city life don’t allow you to think properly and this is something that stops you to gain inner peace. Sam Heughan has tried to narrate it in a soothing tone as well so that the listeners can take it as a therapy that can provide them relaxation which they have been looking for a long time. This book will prove to be a positive thing in your life so give it at least one chance.

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