Infinity Gate



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I don’t usually go for multiverse storylines, but being M.R. Carey I couldn’t resist. I LOVED this story, I loved the characters, the worlds, and I loved the underlying story of what we value as life and how we value life. I am literally going to listen to this again today, it’s that good. The narrator was fantastic, one of my favorite narrators as she can really distinguish the different characters with subtle changes without distracting over-the-top voices. It ends on a bit of a cliff hanger and I sure hope we don’t have to wait long for the next in series.

Space Opera at its best, full of original explorations of empires, AI, personhood, slavery, xenophobia, beurocracy, climate change, military culture, friendship, and interdimensional travel. I’m not a fan of the “many worlds” interpretation of quantum mechanics in reality. But I’m sold on MR Carey’s fictional take – more, please! – and soon!

Infinity Gate

I almost gave up around the 25% mark. I couldnt care less about the characters as the author didnt spend any time building them and introducing them to us. Nevertheless I persisted and Im glad I did. The story definitely picked up and the third act was great!

Overall the narration was fantastic, albeit some weird choices of accents for Paz – which, as I grew up in England, I found absolutely hilarious! It was a little distracting to be honest. But anyways, other than that, the narration was great! Looking forward to book 2!


The Silence of Bones

How to Be Yourself


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