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    When it comes to survival, no other one fights it better than a lost man in an Amazon rainforest. You have to deal with a lot of dangers just to make sure you survive. So was the tale of Dr. Gregory Zekser.

    He was a happy man with a good wife and daughter back in Massachusetts. Gregory’s situational transformation shows exactly how the world can turn upside down within a short time.  He was on a strange mission to reach the furthest region of the Amazon forest with medical aids to the recently contacted tribe.

    After his job is done, he decided to return home to his usual happy family and happy life. But tragedy stuck on the flight back to his base in Massachusetts. His place crashed and pummeled right in the middle of the Amazon Forest. He miraculously survived, but his pilots were not so lucky.

    Gregory had to dig deep to bring out a survival instinct he never knew he posses. Back then in Massachusetts, he was a food pantry director. This life could be a bit chaotic for some people, but he loves every bit of his job. But what he is about to face in the jungle is something no one will be able to prepare for.


    Gregory soon had to deal with a tribe that has not seen the light of civilization. He found himself entangled in a long tribal crisis that has been existing before his arrival. All these and the need to survive dehydration and a ruthless predator left Greg no chance but to brace up and face reality.

    Jeremy Robinson captured every bit of this audiobook in an enthralling and captivation way. The role of the lead character was portrayed exceptionaly well. There is detailed care to represent every character as succinct as possible. Just like other of his novels like Infinite, Jeremy Robinson captured this book in a way that every lover of thriller adventure will appreciate.

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