Blood Craft


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    Blood Craft is the second installment in The Shadow Sorceress novel series. It is an action and adventure fictional novel. The author of the novel is Bilinda Sheehan who is a new but promising writer. If you want to check some more novels from the author then A Grave Magic and Grim Rites could be some good novels to start with.

    Angela Dawe has narrated this chapter. Her performance was quite enjoyable as she managed to maintain a good voice quality throughout along with an excellent portrayal of expression as well.

    Blood Craft

    Amber position within The Elite organization looked to be all set in stone and that with her very first case setting behind her. She has become the darling baby of media, the rookie who managed to save the day and also everybody else’s ass. But as long as she is concerned, the limelight is no place at all for any sort of a Shadow Sorceress.

    A completely new case comes in which sets Amber into gloomy water. There was someone unknown dropping bodies in King City. Those were the bodies that were hiding a much darker truth. Now, it is all upon Amber to check and try to make sense of it all. She is left scrambled to pick up all those crushed pieces, especially when she got blindsided with a personal loss that distressed her.

    The author seems to be a bit repetitive as compared with the first novel. This looked to be a bit of concern in the first half but then it progressed quite well towards the end. Overall, the novel is quite good and worth investing your time in.

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