A Grave Magic

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A Grave Magic starts a brand new novel series with the title of The Sorceress. It is an action and adventure fictional novel with a fascinating tale. The author of this novel is Bilinda Sheehan. If you want to check some more exciting novels from the author then the recommended ones are Banshee Blues and Wild Hunt etc.

A Grave Magic is narrated by Angela Dawe. She had a good deal of experience giving her voice to characters in different novels. He was able to maximize all her experience here and that resulted in a highly satisfactory performance. People loved her expression and the clarity of accent that she managed to bring forward.

Darkness can be cruel but it could not always be beaten by light. Sometimes, one needs to set off fire using fire. This is what the theme of this novel is and gives you a high-level idea as to what kind of content to expect here.

Amber Morgan had the repute of a rookie in The Elite. It is an organization with their task cut out to eliminate the rogue preternatural beings in King City. But, there is a twist in the tale here as she had a secret. She is a witch and she had only joined the organization to settle something personal. The first case for Amber was supposed to be a routine investigation that was related to a rogue vampire. But, very soon, it became evident that there are those horrible dark forces already in action. Those dark forces are even darker than anything big that the team has encountered ever in the past.

The book overall is above average. It had a slow start and then picked up later with pace. The ending is good enough to allow the audience to wait for the second installment in the series.


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