The Clan of the Cave Bear


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    Jean M. Auel divides the world into two, one part is of those who have shifted to the ancient homeworld and the other is that lives in the caves. Those who live in the caves despise the people who have moved ahead in their lives and have left the culture that was followed in the Ice Age.

    One girl from the other side of the world accidentally slips into the Clan of the Cave Bear. Ayla of course looks different from the whole Clan as she possesses golden hair and blue eyes. Also, her behavior and the way to talk seem to be a strange thing for the people of the land.

    Iza along with her husband shows pity on the girl and the family adopts this stranger. None of the clan’s members was in favor of the experiment but the couple persisted. Iza and Creb added Ayla in their family with an open heart and taught her the trends that the cave people follow.

    The Clan of the Cave Bear

    The girl soon got mixed with the local people but the danger to her life was never over. Some of the families still wanted her dead; especially the emerging leader of the clan took her as an imminent threat to everything for which the clan stands. If you leave The Valley of Horses and The Mammoth Hunters and stop at this first part of the series you will never get the full taste.

    The first part that Sandra Burr narrates just opens up the story of love, hate, and romance, real action is yet to come. Along with the future, the fans would also love to witness the past of the girl in her real house.


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    2 thoughts on “The Clan of the Cave Bear”

    1. I love this story. It is so well written. Sandra Burr is incredible with her narration. She brings each character to life.
      In the description of the story above there needs to be a correction. Creb is Iza’s sibling and not her husband. They share a hearth to raise Ayla and Uba.


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