Ender’s Shadow


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Ender’s Shadow is a nice and engaging contemporary science fiction novel by the renowned author, Orson Scott Card. This is the 6th chapter of The Enderverse saga and the opening book of a series with the same name as the subject novel, written by Orson Scott Card. The narration of this novel is a team affair, which is led by the word famous narrator Scott Brick. He was equally well supported by his partner, Gabrielle de Cuir, who did a brilliant job as well in order to make this audio book a memorable one.

Ender's Shadow

The entire human race is in war with a weird insect like race, the Buggers. Earth prepare itself to defend from probable total destruction feared at the hands of an enigmatic enemy. Full focus and energies were spent on the military geniuses’ development, who not only is capable of fighting a war, but also winning it as well.

The very long distance of the interstellar space has somehow given some notable hope to all those who are aiming to defend Earth. They have all the time in this world to train the future leaders right from their childhood and converting them into a mighty force in the Battle School, which is known as the high orbital facility.

Andrew Ender Wiggin was there in the Battle School and had earned the repute of the best of the best. The author, card goes on and tell priceless stories of many articulate generals, which are worth your time.

Speaker for the Dead and Ender’s Game  novels by Orson Scott Card are equally as good as the subject novel. You wouldn’t regret or be disappointed after listening to the narration of these recommended novels.


The Good Girl

Shadow of the Hegemon


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    1. Orson Scott card is one of the best writers for these kinds of stories and he has a fantastic lineup of orators to tell the stories. Just outstanding all around.

    2. I’d love to hear more of the Ender series. I hope that you can add them to your library. The Enders series is a fantastic collection with some of the greatest narrators in the industry.


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