Sea Breeze


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Shayne Silvers presented this book along with Cameron O’Connell and it is narrated by Amanda Leigh Cobb and taken from the 8th volume of “Phantom Queen Diaries”. These City of Thorns and Lord of Embers are remarkable recounts of Amanda Leigh Cobb.

Straight from her impromptu stay in the otherworld “Quinn MacKenna” is compelled to stand by in “Fae’s” most obviously awful “Airbnb” that is a peculiar gingerbread house in woodland loaded with breadcrumbs for the commander who will direct her boat to the famous Atlantis. However, similarly, as inactive hands are “Satan’s studio” inactive personalities are the “Titans’ dungeon”.

The last thing “Quinn” needed to do is move down the deep and dark hole of her feelings of dread and self-questions to face her inward monsters. She has enough at the forefront of her thoughts as she battles to rediscover her personality and worries over the whereabouts of a close buddy twisted on retaliation and anarchy. A close buddy she might need to place in the grave whether or not she needs to.

Sea Breeze

Before she can stress over any of that “Quinn” will initially need to recuperate injuries from way back, enroll the guide of partners old and new and some way or another endure the violent tides of destiny. Tragically to remain above water, she will need to cruise into one more new world, a domain of beasts and men and divine beings so old they are referred to just as “Titans”.

It’s everyone available and jumping into action beasts, ocean canines, and scallywags as “Quinn” endeavors to save who can be saved and beat the people who should be beaten. With new powers available to her and a not well-paired team to make due, it will be dependent upon her to explore these grieved waters. Odysseus should have taken a relaxation journey back from “Troy” contrasted with “Quinn’s” lethally pivotal journey. The tale is great and loaded with activity.


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