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    Hurricane is written by Shayne Silvers along with Cameron O’Connell and narrated by Amanda Leigh Cobb and taken from the 9th volume of “Phantom Queen Diaries”. These City of Thorns and Lord of Embers are excellent narrations of Amanda Leigh Cobb.

    After being adrift somewhere in the middle of the ocean and taken prisoner by one more inhabitant of the “Titan” domain, “Quinn” thinks of herself as cool, wet, hopeless, and particularly alone. Until a natural and unforeseen face ventures once more into her life to remind her, what her identity is and has consistently been.

    Following this disclosure “Quinn” can recognize that some excursions require winding courses regardless of whether that implies accomplishing her opportunity and surging not to the salvage of her assaulted partners but to the legendary island of “Aeaea” and home to the notorious witch, Circe, where Quinn will be faced with obscure dreams of the present and a fierce decision to forfeit all that she is on the special stepped area of what she could become or stagger around in obscurity.

    Regardless of her choice “Quinn” realized that she should see request reestablished to the “Eighth Sea” assuming that she desired to save her companions and partners. However, the response to that could cost “Quinn” her actual mankind and will uncover obvious certainties about her part in the conflict to come. A conflict her dad anticipated and was ready for. A conflict that has as of now killed those she thinks often about and will probably guarantee a lot more before everything is said and done.


    Before, she can stress over any of that “Quinn” should wage war against her close buddy and adversary, salvage her attacked companions and honor her finish off a disproportionate deal an assignment which will set “Quinn” in opposition to her most out of control bad dreams and her haziest dreams with only one individual at her side and a certain bombastic wizard from “St. Louis”. The waters settle the score murkier as “Quinn” gets found out in a momentum that attracts her increasingly close to the privileged insights which encompass “Atlantis” to the entryways of the “Underworld” and the lost spirits which lie past and to the puzzling figure of her dad and a wizard so strong he resisted time itself.

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