Brimstone Kiss


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    This epic is written by Shayne Silvers along with Cameron O’Connell and narrated by Amanda Leigh Cobb and taken from the 10th volume of “Phantom Queen Diaries”. These City of Thorns and Lord of Embers are the renowned narrations of Amanda Leigh Cobb.

    Nobody let “Quinn” know there was a fee at the door to enter” Hell” or that “Valhalla” did not permit bar tabs. Because of a witchy homemade libation “Quinn MacKenna” low maintenance goddess, a full-time agitator has slipped past death’s entryway to revive a past love interest and snuff out a close buddy. However, to do that “Quinn” will require partners be they a drunkard ferryman and a dangerous horseman or probably the most dreaded and regarded divine beings this side of life following death.

    In a sink or swim work to find her old foe, “Quinn” should initially uncover dim realities, make a deal with Hades himself, and excursion to a domain full of carnage and overflowing with liquor. The kind of spot just a hero could cherish or a sketchy redhead from “Boston”. Quinn rapidly becomes drenched in all way of plans and interests that take steps to divert her from her objectives, such as beginning a bar brawl in “Valhalla” flying with the “Valkyries” or getting through the fogs of “Niflheim” with the force of a sneaked kiss.

    Brimstone Kiss

    Quinn’s flippant disposition will lead her down a brimstone way cleared with honest goals and advising her that occasionally, you must lose everything to track down anything. Particularly assuming that thing turns out to be a legendary city covered with antiquated fortunes. Eventually “Quinn” will have no real option except to flounder previously or embrace her future as her hardest pot takes steps to turn into her biggest disappointment. However, the readers like “Jim Butcher, Kevin Hearne, Steve McHugh, Michael Anderle, Ilona Andrews” and also will not have the option to put down the exceptionally habit-forming “Phantom Queen Diaries” or whatever else in the “Temple Verse”.

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