LibriVox 15th Anniversary Collection



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    In the embrace of this year’s unfolding, we mark a milestone: the 15th anniversary of our cherished LibriVox. Within the pages of this curated anthology, we pay homage to the dynamic tapestry of volunteers who collectively compose the global LibriVox community. Their voices, like the diverse threads of a vibrant tapestry, unite in celebration, transcending borders and languages. Through their readings, this collection becomes a chorus of gratitude, an ode to the spirit of collaboration that has propelled LibriVox to its remarkable journey.

    LibriVox 15th Anniversary Collection

    At the heart of this collection lies the common thread of “15,” a number that binds the contributions in a harmonious symphony. Across the linguistic spectrum, voices rise in unity, delivering an array of literary gems handpicked by the very individuals who lend their voices. The collection is a true mosaic, encompassing fiction and nonfiction, poems and prose, short stories and articles—each a testament to the diverse hues of human expression.

    Crafted by the hand of KevinS, this anthology resonates with the shared heartbeat of LibriVox’s expansive family. As listeners delve into its depths, they are transported across cultures, languages, and genres, carried by the voices of volunteers who transform words into living, breathing narratives. With each selection, readers are invited to experience the magic of LibriVox’s legacy—a legacy etched by the hands, hearts, and voices of countless individuals whose dedication enriches the literary tapestry of our world.

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