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    This epic is written by Shayne Silvers along with Cameron O’Connell and narrated by Amanda Leigh Cobb and taken from the 10th volume of “Phantom Queen Diaries”. These City of Thorns and Lord of Embers are the matchless narrations of Amanda Leigh Cobb.

    Quinn MacKenna’s dark wizardry arms vendor turned demigoddess was truly anticipating investing some quality energy with companions. Tragically time is the main thing “Quinn” does not have and every one of her companions is absent and secluded from everything or detained including her cherished barkeep. With the world having in a real sense gone wild since she last entered the human domain “Quinn” winded up meandering “Boston” poverty-stricken and without a home. To exacerbate the situation, it appeared to be an exceptionally strong, extremely strange somebody who has toppled the people pulling the strings and let something wild free in her city.


    Except if she hands herself over before the following full moon. Confronting a choice she cannot bear to make and a cutoff time she can’t stand to “Quinn” must choose the option to leave “Boston” in another person’s fit hands. Luckily assuming her undertakings have shown her nothing else and she cannot do everything herself.

    Which is the reason that when a pack of “Missouri” werewolves leads her to scrutinize the intentions of a white witch and “Quinn” searches for a charming arrangement. Eventually, “Quinn” will be called upon to gauge the necessities of her city against her own. Above all, she should take advantage of a power she does not comprehend, rejoin for certain incredibly” Sick colleagues” to begin a witch chase and stop a slaughter. Turns out being everlasting is not generally so much fun as “Quinn” suspected it would be. However, no one said working two jobs as a divinity would be simple however they presumably ought to have referenced the enormous penances she would be approached to make.

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