Queen of Song and Souls


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    Story predicts war and threats to the land, love however dominates all these dangers and for a moment we tend to forget that the nation is on the verge of war. Love of course not a rare thing to find as we can see love birds here and there in our neighborhood all the time. But this love is not always pure it most of the time is just outburst of feelings and emotions and nothing more.

    True love and real soul mates join in this world once in a blue moon because for this purity is needed. C.L. Wilson painted Rain and Ellysetta as pure of heart and the perfect match for one another. King of Fey Rain searched and toiled hard for the true soul mate because in his case it was necessary for his kingdom too. The union of the super powered couple can save the day in the end according to the predictions and the hopes of many people.

    Queen of Song and Souls

    People of the land were against the forbidden union of the two at first but in the time of need they need the two more than anything. For the security of the land the time has come for both of them to unlock things and secrets that are kept long in the hidings. The Winter King and The Sea King never had such history involved.

    The strength of the story however would always be its love scenes in which the two lovers are ready to leave everything for one another. Emily Durante comes little weak on the ending and this is because of the too many characters that confused the narrator a bit.

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