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    The latest entry into the series is an interesting mix of a story reset and a continuation of things. The first half of the story feels a bit fresh since it returns to the real world for a bit and has a bit of a time jump, and once the main character (MC) does return to the Realms he’s got new powers and allies. However, after the 50% mark, things go back to normal as he reunites with his old friends.

    There’s a little fallout from the time lost on earth, but I was a little disappointed that more terrible things hadn’t happened while the MC was gone. It would have been interesting to see bigger setbacks. Instead, it almost feels like the time jump didn’t happen in some respects. The rest of the story was good. Still full of RPG action-adventure as the MC and his friends oppose Aluran and the new bad guys, the Light. The ending wasn’t satisfying for me though. Instead of any kind of resolution, it really just felt like a lead into the last book in the series. Lots of open plotlines left dangling.

    Overall, a good read still. There were a few parts I really liked, like the new historic opening between the Gaul and Romans, or the new godhood powers. On the whole though, it seemed like the novel was meant to push the series to a conclusion in the next book.

    Ravaged Land

    Ravaged Land brings readers back to The Realms after a lengthy delay, picking up where the last two books left off, and it’s everything you hoped it would be. Our hero Gryph finds himself thrown into the middle of a conspiracy that’s millennia in the making as the gods wage war across the surface of Korynn. To survive he’ll have to make peace with his past and his destiny.

    Book 7 has a significantly faster pace than most of the other books in the series, and the implication that Book 8 will be the last explains that change up. Many of the deep mysteries of the series are finally resolved as we head into that final stretch, leaving readers in a good place though with a few traditional cliffhangers. While it looks like Mr. Carney is tee-ing up for an incredible ending to the series, it is a shame it has to end. Hopefully he’ll consider writing a few more books in this world while moving forward with his new series.

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