Magic’s Pawn


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    Valdemar kingdom is Mercedes Lackey’s strength on which she has been depending for many years. No matter how many stories the author has written about the land the craze of the fans for the next novel is never gone. First it was Talia in Arrows of the Queen and then the new Herald Alberich in Exile’s Valor who fought for the queen.

    Now we are down to the last Herald Mage which could probably mean the upcoming end of the whole reign but then once in a while Mercedes writes something about secondary characters like Skif as well. So the fans should not think that they would not see Valdemar kingdom after the end of this series. Vanyel the last Herald Mage comes face to face with a tough competition this time, there are sorcerers with strange sort of magic in their hands and devils like the ice dragons. The power of Herald might not be enough to deal with all that but luckily he gets a companion who is ready to die for him and the land.

    Magic's Pawn

    Together the two perform a miracle and save the land but for the last time because at the end their powers too are exhausted and they along with the kingdom cannot bear another invasion.

    Written in a powerful way, the narration however does not hold well with all this, Gregory St. John was doing it for the first time that’s why several of the voices just slipped away from his control. Gregory came back well after the first half and took most of the things under his thumb before the arrival of the climax.

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