The Hobgoblin Riot


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    The online virtual reality game known as Dominion of Blades was shut down for the ordinary people and then Jonah was thrown into it by an anonymous enemy. Though Jonah got some friends too but he has failed to understand the reason of his being in the game. The reason of Jonah’s being in the game is not known to him and he has no time to think about it because of the rising problems around him.

    After a very long time, the team has been blessed with a scouting mission so all they have to do is to wander in the domain and keep an eye on everything without fighting of course. Scouting mission was supposed to be fun but it turns upside town and the situation becomes quite similar to The Gate of the Feral Gods and Dungeon Crawler Carl.

    Fight becomes a must, in the situation when a blood thirsty enemy comes racing towards Jonah and his team members. The tower defence system comes under a threat which means that the capital of hobgoblin might not be safe anymore for anyone. Matt Dinniman’s second instalment is narrated by Andrea Parsneau along with Hays McGee.

    The Hobgoblin Riot

    There are a lot of characters in this episode because of which having two narrators was the right idea for the depiction. War does not go big at the beginning of the story as there is a lot of peace and leisure talk in the first four to five chapters of the story. As the time progresses and the enemy becomes visible, there appears an unrest which cannot be tackled without a fight.

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