Dominion of Blades


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Dominion of Blades i.e a game that was once played by millions of people was banned at once when the injuries started appearing in the real world. The people of the world used to play this game for the sense of achievement which they got by defeating the real life like enemies present in the game. Also the use of swords and sorcery was so much fun that could be enjoyed for a very long time. When the game was banned by the higher authorities, people busied themselves in other things and forgot the fun that they used to have in the virtual reality.

One day Jonah wakes up from a deep sleep and finds himself back in the game. The man does not remember how he got into the game because he didn’t enter the game since the day it was banned. Now he tries to get out of it but fails to log out of it and the only way he can get out of the game is to play it till the last level.

Soon in this first level, Jonah finds two more companions who too have been locked in by someone from the real world. Together these three start playing the game and on this occasion the injuries which they face might kill them in the real world too.

Dominion of Blades

Thus it is more like a battle for survival for the three players, which they must win at all cost.  Dungeon Crawler Carl and The Dungeon Anarchist’s Cookbook were of the same kind when compared in terms of theme. Matt Dinniman has always tried to add a special kind of thrill in the stories to keep the audience on its toes. Andrea Parsneau’s voice was a new thing for the series because the narrator has not narrated such kind of stories to a great extent in the past still it was great.


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