Things We Hide from the Light



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    Things We Hide from the Light By Lucy Score

    Nash and Lina’s story takes readers back to the vibrant fictional town of Knockemout, Virginia. It contains the same outrageous banter and endearingly quirky characters as the first book. The details and dialogue bring these trendy Northern Virginians to life. However, the magical dynamic between Knox and Naomi remains unmatched. Nash and Lina’s romance struggles to captivate initially before finding its footing later on.

    The tale opens soon after the preceding story’s conclusion. Hardened investigator Lina breezes into town and disrupts stoic Police Chief Nash’s uneventful routine. Their instant chemistry launches both down a path of self-discovery, despite being polar opposites. Lina sheds her lone wolf persona as the close-knit community embraces their newest member. Meanwhile, emotionally closed-off Nash gradually reawakens under Lina’s influence.

    The couple battles growing feelings, knowing their affair has an expiration date. Their journey illustrates how lowering our defenses can allow love to restore and strengthen us. Patience is tested by the unhurried pace initially, but rewarding humor and poignancy follow.

    In the end, the colorful locale enchants, and the cast entertains. Witty banter and touching moments satisfy fans eager to revisit Knockemout. Nash and Lina find their way for an amusing yet emotional romantic adventure.

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