The Fifth Elephant


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    Sam Vimes head of security at Ankh-Morpork has improved the security system at lot after Men at Arms and Feet of Clay. Now there is a special department to keep an eye on the traffic too and also the things that are transacted from one place to the other. Still there is a theft that rocks every one, replica Scone of Stone has been stolen and no one has a trace of the thief. Sam Vimes leaves this investigation to the dwarfs and himself goes to Uberwald to meet the Low king.

    Uberwald is rich in fat, also there is an old saying that the land stands on the fifth elephant of the Discworld. When Sam reaches the place he feels that there is a lot going on between the werewolves, vampires and the local dwarfs.

    The werewolves are conspiring against the locals so that a war can start between them. If the war starts the werewolves would be the one party that would be able to take advantage of everything. Vimes tries to negotiate about different things but fails and he thinks that the threat is now on his tail.

    The Fifth Elephant

    He must reach the town before the threat reaches on to him and ends him in the lonely forest. Werewolves will show no mercy to the one who is trying to damage their plan.

    After a long time Stephen Briggs is back as a narrator in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. It is always good to listen to the heavy and forceful voice of Stephen Briggs in thrillers, fantasies and stories with a lot of war scenes involved in them.

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