Hell Divers


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    The series takes us to the post world war era; the only change however is that this world war was world war III. Nicholas Sansbury Smith takes us to two centuries after the final war that destroyed the whole planet and everything in it.

    The human race now lives on airships but these ships too started losing their survival power as there was no repair works that were available for them in space and the spare parts were non-existent, they just remain circling around the earth in search of a habitat and then one after the other landed on the poisoned planet and became a part of that dead land.

    Hell Divers

    The only two airships that survive till the present day are because of the divers that dive on the land and bring the much needed pieces from the destroyed ships that their air craft needed. The concept of the story is just amazing as it also tells us the impact of the nuclear war and portrays almost a true picture of the devastated earth.

    The series becomes more and more intense when you reach to parts like Hell Divers IV: Wolves as they have more savageness in them and the human race is in a more precarious state. In the end of this first novel even the things that the last hell divers find on the place called Hades are quite threatening as they provide a clear hint that the human race has no future left.

    Hell Divers

    Also the diseases that the hell divers face when they jump on to the mother earth tell us the effects of the nuclear or atomic bombs as well and we can imagine our future if we support the spread of the nuclear weapons. R. C. Bray has once again done a fabulous job in narrating another story that shows relation with space and planets.

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    1. A great start to a great series! It is amazing how one single narrator, Legendary R. C. Bray, can work alone yet give each character a distinctness all their own.


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