The Book of Lost Things


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    This book is written by John Connolly and narrated by Steven Crossley. Every Dead Thing and The Nameless Ones are the remarkable books of John Connolly.

    David in his second decade of life and high in his storage room grieves the deficiency of his mom. He is irate and distant from everyone else with just the books on his rack for company. But those books have started to murmur to him in the murkiness and as he takes asylum in the legends and fantasies so cherished of his dead mother, he observed that this present reality and the dreamland have started to merge.

    The “Crooked Man” has come with his deriding grin and his baffling words “Welcome your highness”. With reverberations of “Gregory Maguire’s and C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia” writer “John Connolly” acquainted the followers with a cast of not-exactly recognizable characters like the seven communist midgets who poison an excluded princess and attempt to fix the wrongdoing on her stepmother. The abhorrent human-canine cross breeds were brought forth sometime in the past by the association of a wolf and an enticing young lady in a red shroud.

    The Book of Lost Things

    As war seethes across Europe “David” is viciously pushed into a land that is both a build of his creative mind however shockingly genuine and his very own unusual impression world made out of fantasies and stories populated by wolves and more regrettable than-wolves, and managed over by a blurred lord who maintained his mysteries in an incredible book “The Book of Lost Things”.

    The “Crooked Man” stands apart as an especially threatening miscreant. Towards the finish of the tale, the writer pushed excessively hard with an excess of shocking subtleties and nauseating tales about the person’s wrongdoings. My finger drifted over the quick forward button because the unnecessary detail became bothering me.

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