Bones in Her Pocket


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    Hidden evidence comes to the surface when a big bag all messed up with flies comes to the shore in North Carolina. Firstly the people nearby assumed that the bag contains the remains of animals but later when it was opened and inspected it had bones of a human being.

    Tempe verifies through her lab tests that the bones are of a girl and the apparent pick is Edith Blankenship who has been missing for a very long time without any trace. Edith was an innocent graduate student with nothing to do with anyone so why would someone kill her with such grudge.

    Police and Tempe thinks that this could be the doing of Herman Blount, a boy who has psychological issue; he once threatened the power station because of its pollution. But the boy has never done any physical damage and he also had no connection of any kind with the girl who is killed.

    Bones in Her Pocket

    Meanwhile the investigation show that Edith too was crazy about the wild and used to hate pollution, there could be a chance that her passion made someone her enemy and thus she got killed. Tempe thinks that she cannot rest until the case is solved and the criminal is put to justice. Linda Emond is going fine with Kathy Reichs’ work; the narrator joined the series in Cross Bones and Break No Bones, and has been continuing till the present day because the work is error free. After listening to this tale one is bound to think that this is the craziest part of the entire series so far and who knows Kathy might produce even crazier than this in the future.

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