Blood Noir


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    Anita once a vampire hunter and then a bounty hunter just trying to protect her long list of boyfriends now. More than anything in the world she just desires to keep everyone safe and everything cool and calm. For many reasons, she has been failing in this dream of hers for many years. One dark problem after another just keeps on knocking at her door and she although kicks them for an answer but they just never leave. The Harlequin just made things worse for her in so many ways that she cannot explain to anyone.

    Protecting her friend once again in this sixteenth part makes life miserable for Jean Claude as his rule gets a set back because of Anita. Both of them landed in Carolina for different reasons and as the meet Jason they are forced to think that he is Keith. The resemblance of the faces creates a misunderstanding also the location where Jason is staying confuses most minds.

    Blood Noir

    Wedding approaches near, Keith however is not in a mode to marry the human girl that is chosen for him. He wants to marry a vampire thus he is all prepared to slip away from the scene. Meanwhile, Anita also slips into another relationship which makes her pregnant once again. The girl is surely losing control since Cerulean Sins and Incubus Dreams, here her thirst goes wild as the beast inside her is released.

    Laurell K. Hamilton is making Anita fall for any handsome man that comes in her way and her habits of sexual pleasures are making her brain go wild.  Kimberly Alexis doesn’t try to exaggerate the situation too much with the narration. Voice gets a shabby touch to portray the seductive trance in which Anita finds herself in.

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