The Clockwork Princess


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    “Infernal devices” has approached the conclusion and there is no time to decide wisely, a hasty decision can either destroy or save everything and everyone. Shadowhunters have been facing the rampage and they have been surviving luckily or due to their unconquerable zeal. Powers that rose against them are now on their doorstep and the Shadowhunters are also not alarmed because they were expecting such a situation. During The Clockwork Prince, the shadows of war were looming over the heads now it has approached its verge. Author Cassandra Clare finally sets the tone by making the Shadowhunters realize what they have to do.

    The Clockwork Princess


    Ironically none of them possesses the dare to do what is needed to stop the upcoming threat. Chaos as a result of war can destroy the whole domain which both sides call home. Heroes with magical powers rise to the scene and the secrets they have been hiding for centuries from the future generation are revealed some of which make the scene look hideous. Action can be felt in words that Daniel Sharman narrates. Extra addition happens to be the race against time situation in which we find the all-powerful mighty warriors. There are also incidents having resemblance with City of Ashes

    But that novel was not this much hasty. The conclusion is not very detailed in terms of words but the few words which the author has used possess enough worth to make everything clear. Luckily the end does not result in the chaos which was anticipated still many precious lives are lost in the process of saving the world. Those who remain alive at the ending scene are seen full of sorrow for the losses they bear.

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