Space Team: The Search for Splurt


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Cal never wanted to go on a space mission because he was not a hero and he had no desire of getting himself killed in any heroic deed. He was in prison when the catastrophe hit the human world and he wasn’t prepared when the aliens abducted him during Space Team. Now he knows a lot about the world and also about other alien species who need his help.

There are some aliens who want to take his life as well but that has become a part of the daily routine now. Author Barry J. Hutchison painted an assassin in Space Team: The Wrath of Vajazzle who was coming after the heroes and was going to destroy the entire galaxy in the process. This is the third part and the situation is not very different for this band of heroes who have started to like each other’s company now more than anything else in the world.

Space Team: The Search for Splurt

Splurt was one of the members of this space team and now Lady Vajazzle has taken him with her. The assassin was going to deliver Splurt to Zertex Corporation but the ship never reached the destination rather it got lost in outer space during the journey. Cal thinks that he and his team has a chance to save their friend. So they go through the wormhole and land on a strange planet where there is strange kind of problems.

Cal does not want to get indulged in other missions in this third episode because he wants to find Splurt who does not want to be found perhaps. Phil Thron has narrated every character correctly in every part and it seems that Phil is going to go on with the series till the end.


Space Team: The Wrath of Vajazzle

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