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The “Undying Mercenaries” series has been going on for decades and this has not tired the author B.V. Larson and the large audience. The author wants to keep on adding new episodes to the series and the audience wants to keep on listening to these stories in Mark Boyett’s voice. The earth has been under the attack of another race and there are serious damages that the human race has faced in the past many years.

McGill is on the defensive line with his team and it is because of his efforts that the invaders have not been allowed to set foot on the earth. Rigel is the enemy in this series and they are not going to rest until they snatch from the humans, the only planet that they have in their control now. McGill tried to negotiate with the enemy but it was of no use at all so he decided to get back in his original gear.

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Now he is back with his team and is ready to attack the enemy by keeping himself on the front foot all the time. McGill and his team feel a little difference in the outcome of their missions on this occasion. They think that the enemy is ahead of them in every duel and one thing is clear i.e someone in their own ranks is a traitor and they have to find out who he is.

If they fail to track down the traitor then the battle will be lost forever. For the maker of Androids and Aliens and Machine World this one was not a problem at all. Larson has a habit of creating such books and the war in space is the kind of thing that always captures an audience.


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