The Quarry Girls


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Girls like parties especially the late night ones because there is a strange kind of fun attached to those parties. Swimming at night and getting a glass of wine provides that strange gay happiness that makes a person forget all the anxieties and tensions. Heather and Brenda used to be the same kind of girls but they have changed now after they saw something in the dark while they were visiting the tunnels beneath the city.

They promised that they will not talk about the thing ever because it was terrible and they had the fear of getting caught in a mess as well. Jess Lourey begins this story in the mysterious way in which the author started Bloodline and Unspeakable Things.

The Quarry Girls

Later the story becomes more full of suspense and horror when another girl in the town disappears and Heather knows where she would be kept. Brenda and Heather decide to take that deadly tour once again because there is a hint that one of them could be the next victim.

The police had no idea what they are dealing with and the two girls who know the secret are going to face the darkness on their own because they don’t want to involve anyone else in the show.

It is the game of life and death that Heather is going to play and if she does not come out of it alive then there is no one to tell the tale of her bravery perhaps her body will never be found. The story goes darker after every chapter and there is no pause at any place which can break the flow of this awesome mystery.


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