They All Love Jack

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    Bruce Robinson has tried to settle the issue of the Ripper legend once and for all. A legend that has been in the talk for almost a hundred years. Jack the Ripper is one of those criminals that the Scotland Yard failed to arrest as they failed to find a clue that could lead them to the criminal.

    Bruce discusses certain aspects related to the crime and the criminal, he also gives us a hint that perhaps the criminal was always there with the people who were investigating the case and was perhaps one of them who was slowly removing the clues if there were any left after his successful killing of his victim.

    They All Love Jack
    There is also another thing to which our attention is focused and that was some influential links that Jack perhaps had at that time which always allowed him to run away successfully from the crime scene.

    Lastly the most deadly of the assumptions that mock the whole Jack issue i.e was there a person named Jack or did jack really exist or it was just drama that was created by the police of that time in order to show that their worth and trying to look busy all the time.

    The story is quite attractive because people all over the world want to know about this case and they are all curious about the person who was never found by any of the security agencies of the time and the case always remained open.

    The narration surely needed an expert and who else could be called for the job, Phil Fox the voice with a mystery in it has done splendid no doubt. Just like The Wolf’s Hour – Robert R. McCammon and Necroscope 3 – The Source – Brian Lumley you may listen to the other stories that many others have recommended.


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