Kingdom Come


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    The galaxy is in a state of chaos and no one knows where the threat is actually coming from. Someone is conspiring the entire thing from the inside and this is the most threatening thing. Van got a distress call and he went to answer it in the far part of the galaxy and it proved to be a false alarm. Someone has tried to trap Van and his team now he can just run away from the place or answer the enemy in which he will be remembered for centuries to come.

    There could be more trouble because the enemy is still hiding and it has not revealed itself completely but Van and his team like to play with fire all the time. The team has prepared its plane and now it is ready to attack the enemy. It does not matter whether the enemy comes from all sides this time because Van has decided to bring peace to the galaxy and he will not rest until he has achieved his objectives.

    Kingdom Come

    Milon Estates is the first place where the team stops and the narrator Jeffrey Kafer begins the narration of the action scenes from here. Don’t think that the two authors J.N. Chaney and Terry Maggert will stop at any place or go slow in any chapter so the listener has to keep up the pace because the story is going to go a long way.

    Gods of War and Alpha Strike will also come on your bookshelf within no time if you begin to like this story of an intergalactic war. Characters are not unique but the way the conspiracy is knitted is the main thing in this novel.

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