Station Eleven (Television Tie-in)


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    Emily St. John Mandel has come up with a masterful contemporary science fiction fantasy novel. Station Eleven became a god hit in audio format as well and literary lovers wouldn’t be disappointed at all. Thanks to some really impressive narration of this novel given by Kirsten Potter. The narrator managed to keep the listeners thoroughly entertained. It was particular challenging in the first couple of hours, where the story is a little bit slow-paced, but nonetheless, Potter did a brilliant job.

    Emily St. John Mandel is a name behind a few other successful novels as well. If you want then The Glass Hotel particularly is a highly recommended novel written by Emily.

    Station Eleven is a novel set somewhere in the eerie days if the collapse of civilization. The book tells a spell-binding tale of a star from Hollywood and his savior along with a nomadic group of actors. They were all roaming the outposts of Great Lakes region, which were all scattered. This was something that was risking everything for humanity and as well as art.

    Station Eleven (Television Tie-in)

    Arthur Leander, a popular Hollywood actor on a snowy night had a heart-attack while performing on stage. Jeevan Chaudhary, an EMT comes to his help, who was sitting somewhere in the audience. Meanwhile, Kirsten Raymonde, a child actress was watching all this in horror, while Jeevan Chaudhry was performing CPR. He was pumping the chest of Arthur and the curtain of the stage started to drop. But, Arthur didn’t survived and he died. A terrible flue begins to spread just as Jeevan started to walk back home from the theater the same night.

    Mandel’s ability of connecting individuals in a tale with disparate destines is absolutely stunning. This is what you will experience in this novel as well.

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