Defiance of the Fall 7


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The seventh book of the series has come in a flash for those who were listening to it from book 1. J.F. Brink writes quickly all the time and in a more effective way. The author will not disappoint the fans with the progress of the story which is complex and attractive. The selection of Pavi Proczko for the narration is no surprise because Pavi’s voice is made for such long stories.

The battle started at the beginning of the first part when the listeners were told about the Dimensional Seed. Now the Seed is maturing and the fate of the earth is going to be decided very soon. Zac is on the hunt for something big because he knows that he cannot do everything on his own. He has tried in the past but nothing has been going in his favor. One man against the cultivators has no chance unless he makes a miracle happen.

Defiance of the Fall 7

For that one miracle, Zac is traveling into the Mystic Realm and he is going to travel to its core for the sake of one thing which can change the course of the war. Humans will get extinct if the war takes place in the current scenario so something has to be done really quickly.

Defiance of the Fall 5 and Defiance of the Fall 6 took the story to the next level or we can say toward the climax and here it is the beginning of the end. Sooner or later the fate of the human world and also the fate of the entire galaxy will be decided. It is a war that will not end without the ultimate destruction.


Space Team: Sentienced to Death

Mad Honey


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    1. Could you post the first books in the series please? I’ve heard a lot about this series and that it’s good but can’t find the rest on here. If you have any free time and could post them it’d be much appreciated.


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