Sons of Anarchy


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    Loaded with suspense and mystery another thriller by Christopher Golden comes to the scene loaded with a load of action and several sensational scenes which make the book a must have item. The previous seasons have been the part of a television serial as well which means that this book too has the probability that it would be presented on television soon and surely it possesses the potential too.

    The story of this part starts with Jax’s confrontation of two truths about his sister, firstly he was in the U.S and he was not even aware of it and secondly now she is missing all of a sudden with no hints or links at all. Jax goes one place after the other in order to find the missing links behind the missing lady but does not find anything. At last the truth reveals it’s self and proves too big for Jax and the sons who find themselves engaged in a war with the deadliest mafias on Russian soil. Trinity has got herself in such a trouble that they have no solution except to fight their way out of it.

    Sons of Anarchy

    The themes match Daredevil and The Predator just the number of characters is more as compared to those present in the other two books. The scenes are sensational and sometime confusing too because of the Russian addition.

    Though Peter Berkrot has dealt with extreme accuracy but still the Russian culture is tough to understand. Overall the narration has no issue that can be criticized; it’s all a nice decent effort from both sides and in almost all the departments of the story.

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