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    From the marvel superheroes “Daredevil” is perhaps the most appealing one because he is the man with sentiments that he always tries to hide. Though the man has no eyes still he can see things because he has a deep insight, feelings that keep him in an awkward state all the time. One criminal and then after another in this episode make the Daredevil think that from where these people coming from and what is the cause behind so much restlessness in the city.

    The search takes him to the core or the boss of the gang who has bigger plans than one can ever imagine. The people that the hero faced were just a trailer and there was more to come on the crime scene that the local police perhaps could never tackle because they can’t expect such a thing. Working solo has been his style and strength and now he is in need of help because the boss of the gang is far clever than he thought.

    The Daredevil has to face the city and the people in it, of course he cannot do both of these jobs at the same time thus he joins hands with Kingpin. Kingpin has never liked him and neither is he ever in a mode of joining hands with him but this time the matter is bigger than their rivalry.


    Their existence and the existence of everyone around or linked to them is dependent on their working as a unit. Christopher infuses more action in the creation of his masterpiece as compared to Sons of Anarchy and The Predator in which the action is there but it is not that intense. Here it is all hardcore in the impressive voice of Dion Graham who is a professional in the narration of fictional work with heroes involved.

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