Beneath a Scarlet Sky


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    Beneath a Scarlet Sky: A Novel

    Hitler’s time surely not pleasant one for any of the beings present in that era but still it does not mean that in that era life was without passion of love and peace. Mark Sullivan in this true story shows us the both sides of the coin. One side is full of terrible disasters of war and the other side is the side of hope that comes to most in the form of love.

    Pino Lella never knew what it would like to be a soldier and that too for an enemy. He was just an innocent boy with innocent dreams of love and a romantic peaceful life. Sadly the era was not suited to his dreams and his house in Milan got the heavy blows of the enemy after which he was forced to make a choice of his own.

    Beneath a Scarlet Sky


    He joined the rebels and started helping the Jews but his parents wanted to keep him away of all this as he was their only child. Thus the parents forced him to join the German army so that he can remain safe from Hitler’s wrath. But ironically this gave him an opportunity to work for his community in a better way. He was the perfect spy planted in the right place, at the right time and he too wanted to serve his nation in every possible way.

    Beneath a Scarlet Sky

    But this is just one part of his life; the other is connected to Anna whom he wants to marry at the end of the war, if he survives. Will Damron provides Pino different style of talking as a lover and as a soldier so that the listener can feel that he is committed to both sides. Rogue and Thief are also good books by the author in terms of story and plot but those books don’t have such sort of things linked to the past wars of the century.

    The characters in those books are also fictional and nothing is connected to the real world or history.

    Beneath a Scarlet Sky Beneath a Scarlet Sky Beneath a Scarlet Sky

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