The Simple Wild


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    K.A. Tucker tells us about the wild and the tough routine that is waiting for us there and in such a scenario keeping you positive and composed is not an option. The toughest thing that you will find in the wild is the isolation from the hustle and bustle of life.

    Living in loneliness and repeating the same tasks again and again make you feel what monkeys on the trees feel. Because of this Calla Fletcher’s mother left her father in Alaska and got settled in the city. But that was many years ago now Calla is twenty six and her mother is not with her anymore. In the fast paced life of Toronto her father just comes to her one day and tells her about something that forces her back to Alaska. Though she never got time to spend it with her father but she still likes him because after all he is the man whom her mother used to love the most.

    The Simple Wild

    As Calla started spending time in the wild she started feeling the grip that her mother felt once and then she also has an attraction towards Jonah. Jonah flies a plane for Calla’s father and his presence can force her to make the decision that her mother made once.

    The problem is that the decision never ended well and the life of her mother and father were ruined in the process. Rebekkah Ross with the help of the narrative skills tells us about this girl named Calla in an extensive way; we come to know about her feeling through the voice. Wild at Heart and Keep Her Safe are close to the novel in theme and in the story as well so if you like the feeling that this novel conveyed than the other two are not bad to be started at once.

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