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IT BY Stephen King

For adventure seekers who love horror stories, this is one of the most indulging stories written by Stephen King. As the critics say the ‘It’ has been proven as the base of Stephen king’s horror adventures all the way till now.

In addition to the haunted plot of the story, the voice of Steven Weber gives life to each and every character in a way that you never get a chance to pull yourself out of it as if you are with the seven people going through the horrible adventure they began years back in their childhood.

IT Audiobook

The story revolves around 7 adults who got through the haunting tragedy when they were teenagers and they are now again confronting the horror at the haunted city of Derry Maine where kids are the prey and they are now there to experience the horror again they got through when they were young.


In this whole story, you never get a chance to leave out for a while as each and every happening in it pulls your attention to hear what comes next and how they are going to counter the evil terror that is going to engulf the childhood in the city.

IT Audiobook

The voice of Steven Weber is capable enough to give life to the characters so that you feel like the story is going on in front of your eyes. The expressions and sounds are so close to the real-life settings that you would ever be able to believe if this is only an audiobook you are hearing.

Just like the other gripping stories by Stephen King that includes The Stand, The Shining and The sleeping beauties, you would enter into a new world where your thoughts would be driven away by the character filled voices and you would be compelled to hear till the need to experience the actual adventure behind the story.


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    20 thoughts on “IT Audiobook”

    1. The 1990 mini series was the reason I was afraid of clowns until I was 15, this book is amazing and I just cant get enough of it, thinks the 4th time I’m listening to the audiobook, so amazing

    2. Absolutely wonderful book only one that compares in my mind is dream catcher however psa don’t listen to this book around sensitive people I actually lost a job because he is not afraid


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