A Merciful Secret


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Mercy has a domestic issue from the start of the series when she was isolated from her family and a bunch of nice people raised her. On her return home, she didn’t get a nice welcome from the natives in A Merciful Truth.

For the solution of the case, she got the help of the chief of police in the previous part. Kendra Elliot the author of the series gives Mercy another tough job here which will check her limits. Mercy’s father is not on good terms with her now, he told her not to leave the job at the FBI but she didn’t obey him. The lady has some secrets to hide that can be hidden in one way i.e when she shuns herself from the rest of the world.

A Merciful Secret

That’s what Mercy does as she locks herself away from all the villagers. Then close to her a serious case awakes the old agent in her. She was trying to live undercover but her fate forces her to come out of the hidings. The grandmother of a young girl gets serious injuries when she gets attacked by a mysterious killer. The girl comes to Mercy for help and as she reaches the spot she hears about another such incident not far away from the place. One thing is for sure that a mysterious serial killer is on the move and he means business.

The chief of police is called again for assistance in the case, the two thus move on quickly before more bodies appear in the different corners of the village. Teri Schnaubelt narrates another one like A Merciful Silence in which we observe the main character emotionally charged. She knows what she has to do to solve the mystery and reach the criminal but sometimes digging in the past hurts.


A Merciful Truth

A Merciful Silence


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