Pros and Cons: A Short Story


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Kate and Nick Fox’s cat and mouse chase is on in this latest episode, Kate like always is dead serious about her task but Fox is the exact opposite of all that. Stealing things and risking life for relics is not Fox’s need rather it is a fun job that he performs to keep himself busy in an enthusiastic way. Even the chase and tough time that Kate has been giving him over the years is on his choice, he wants her to follow him on his every move and perhaps he likes her presence.

Pros and Cons: A Short Story

Kate gets another lead in this latest part of the series about Fox as he makes a plan to rob the penthouse. It’s like a challenge thrown in front of her and she does not want to miss out, she plans perfectly now and the Fox is not going anywhere this time. But this is what she planned in The Heist and The Job and the result was a complete failure. Kate thinks that Fox is actually in the wedding planner’s outfit this time but there is no proof, in addition they just cannot go and arrest him without any evidence.

The FBI has to allow him to make the move but then there is a threat that he might run away during the fireworks and no one would be able to spot him once he is gone. Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg in Scott Brick’s voice are going excellently and every listener is sure that he would witness more of this stuff in the next decade too and Kate might be able to resolve her issue with the con till then.


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