A Merciful Silence


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    Mysteries continue to surround Mercy’s life; the more she tries to get rid of the terrible situations the more they come searching for her. Past teases the girl more than anything in the world and living in her native village just doesn’t let her escape out of these past events which haunt her. A Merciful Truth and A Merciful Secret were full of personal and domestic issues.

    A Merciful Silence

    Mercy however at the end of each event stood strong on her ground and it was her enemy who was forced to run. Luckily she was blessed with people like Truman Daly who were by her side when the need aroused. Rural Oregon possesses more secrets than Mercy expected as a young girl, now she has the skill to look deep into the matters. Her past has remained a question mark for her but she has resolved several of those matters now with a brave heart.

    It’s the rainy season in Oregon when this story gets a start and usually, the rainy season helps the flowers to blossom. Well in Oregon the rain just brings out the remains of five dead bodies instead of the blooming flowers. The dead bodies were buried long ago and with their discovery, the question about their killer also appears in minds of every living soul. The criminal was punished years ago but after the discovery of the dead bodies, Mercy thinks that perhaps the man behind bars never convicted the murders. One woman can guide the true criminal but she is too afraid to tell or reveal the truth. Kendra Elliot brings in more mystery and hidden secrets in this tale for the audience as Teri Schnaubelt narrates another one in a classic style.

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