Tunnels of Blood


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    Author Darren Shan comes to the third installment of his mega-hit in a flash, with the start of this book the audience feels a difference in the main character. He is more into the vampire world now and is working as a much-committed vampire assistant. Sixteen-year-old landed in this situation after his friend was poisoned in Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant because of his ill-doing. He thus presented himself to the vampire to help his friend, the life of the friend was saved but the price was really heavy.

    Tunnels of Blood

    Now he works for the vampire but the job is not blood-sucking rather he hunts down the blood-sucking monsters that plague the human cities. Ralph Lister continues the narration in this trilogy as he provides a confident voice to Darren and his friend Evra. The two boys go on the hunt for the monster that is sucking the blood out of the bodies thus leaving them like an empty bottle. One clue after another takes them closer to their target but all the time they feel that something is just not right around them.

    Someone is intentionally trying to misguide them or is trying to keep them busy so that they don’t put their nose in the real business. The end of this novel hints about many things that we might see in Vampire Mountain and other chapters after that. One thing is for sure now i.e Darren is not getting out of the vampire world because he has stopped trying to do so. He has started to take his job seriously and there are friends in the vampire world that he trusts now.

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