Bad Men and Wicked Women


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    The first part really brought out the monsters that are kept encaged in the human bodies and souls. Jimi and Ken got involved in sex and then a relationship they never though existed in them till the day Jimi became pregnant. No this second in the row is not very different from the previous one, the author Eric Jerome Dickey continues with the same pattern and in the same flow. We have seen pure stuff related to love but never have we experienced true love between two sinners to such an extent.

    Ken always unstable in a relationship trying to get more and more woman for his physical pleasures gets tangled in love or perhaps now he thinks it as a responsibility. He has been a free spirit all his life but now with his daughter pregnant and wants a quick marriage with the cause of this issue he needs fifty thousand dollars.

    Bad Men and Wicked Women

    Right from the beginning of Before We Were Wicked we have seen in Ken a man who has not though of money as his prime focus. He never thought that this thing would ever trouble him but now his relation with the daughter and her relation with the boy of her choice depends on it. Once again not recommended for the children under eighteen because it contains material that is not good for the immature mind.

    Dion Graham is going well with the series; the narrator has no doubt put passion in the novel one that was duly needed. The narrator even makes gruffing sounds in the violent scenes to make it more real and original for the audience.

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