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    Death surrounded the four bad girls in such a tight circle that a breath of relaxation became impossible for them in Unbelievable. Each one of them saw death close to their throat but the moment just passed away like a bad horrifying dream for them. Alison was killed that started the trouble for the girls but her murderer is now arrested by the police and the names of the girls are no more in the suspicion list. All of them can live a tension free life once again which means that they are free to go bad once again.


    The old habits just don’t end that easily thus the four start their old bad habits once again. Emily gets a boyfriend this time and luckily he wants to stay with him instead of indulging with the new girls of the school. Hanna nearly lost her life recently but after getting back to her senses she is again trying to be the queen bee of the institute. Even in Alison’s time in Pretty Little Liars, Hanna wanted to snatch that prestigious title from her. Aria’s dream boy was arrested by the police and here she has developed a new sort of tendency, she is trying to share men with her mother.

    Sara Shepard describes the true nature of bad girls of the town; even after long sufferings, they are not ready to mend their ways for goodness. One thing that they don’t know yet is that someone is still out there keeping an eye on their mischief. The narration was all over the place in Spencer’s case; Cassandra Morris should have given more attention to Spencer’s character as she was the only one trying to look deep unto the buried secrets.

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    Bad Men and Wicked Women


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