Fear to Tread


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    Time to reveal the secret has come for all sides and finally everyone will see the true picture of each other. The Blood Angels have fought side by side with the Luna Wolves and apparently they are presented has helpers or supporters but the reality is too dark. No one knows the real face of the Blood Angels except Sanguinius. For the safety of the people Sanguinius has to take a very tough step i.e to get rid of Alotros because he turns into something horrifying that none was ready for.

    For people like Horus witnessing such an insane thing was an unexpected tragedy and thus instead of raising voice against the murder he wanted to know the true reason behind the action.

    Fear to Tread

    At this point Horus on a promise of keeping everything buried in his mind is finally told the truth, a reality that only Sanguinius knows and would have died with him if Horus had not seen everything. The Blood Angles have a habit of treachery and it is not what they plan for, it is in their blood all the time and it means that the human population is still not safe though the crusade is won.

    Another war is ready in this 21st episode of James Swallow’s classic series that is bound to charge the listener’s mind. Gareth Armstrong has a habit of narrating such novels and this was a fun ride for him all the way to the final combat.

    At this point if we look at The Flight of The Eisenstein and Nemesis we will surely get the hint that the author has improved the writing style and characters look more developed as compared to the previous books.

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