Dungeon Core Online, Book Three



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Dungeon Wars have ended. Peace reigns across DCO…for a moment.

With the creation of his fourth floor to focus on and his burgeoning relationship with Rue to enjoy, James is ready to simply immerse himself in everything that DCO has to offer. With his players now able to take to the seas, there is a whole new set of mechanics to explore. Not to mention another set of random mobs, each more ridiculous and terrifying than the last. I mean who doesn’t want to see a zombie megalodon summon a tornado full of undead sharks?

And, as DCO grows, so, too, does its impact on the world. With new Dungeon Gates that allow travel between dungeons, the economic impact of the game has increased tenfold.

But where there is wealth, there are those who wish to take it.

James is about to learn that the real world is a lot more sinister than the virtual one.


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