Seeing Red


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If you think about the Sandra Brown, then the first thing that comes in your mind is crime mystery thrillers. This is exactly what the Seeing Red thriller is all about by the writer. You will love it to the maximum for great situation, lines and performances. Victor Slezak as a narrator has done a really commendable job by giving a soulful voice to the characters of Seeing Red novel.

The story is about a TV journalist, Kerra Bailey. She has a flourishing career and determine dot get to even bigger levels on her career ladder with the type and quality of work she has been doing as a journalist.

She was desperately trying to get an opportunity to interview the renowned Major Trapper. Major emerged on the world scene as a hero during the Pegasus Hotel bombing in Dallas some 25 years ago. He was pictured during that building saving lives of many and that made him the icon, which he is today.

Seeing Red

Kerra was willing to go to any extreme to approach major and was even alright, if she needs to squabble an introduction from ex ATF agent, John Trapper, who is his estranged son.

John Trapper at his end have no intention whatsoever to get associated with his father or the hotel bombing incident, despite bubbling over his distance from both his father and ATF. He spurns back all the reporters coming his way with the intention of getting him back into the limelight. Kerra knew that there is a lot more secretive behind his denial to get into the limelight.

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