A Discovery of Witches


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    Some books have good stories but their character development just doesn’t cut in. This book has no such problem. From the first page till the last page, the whole plot and counterplot are just unique and interesting. Each character is represented in such a way that everything just feels real. There’s no doubt that Deborah Harkness has written some great novels. This book lives up to expectations as usual.

    A Discovery of Witches


    The story, writing, and narration are just spot on.  Jennifer Ikeda represented the characters well with appropriate diction. There is no single character that seems out of place with the storyline. Her voice is still and very pleasant to listen to. There are very view misplaced pronunciations, even on names of location with

    The continuation of the story is captured in Shadow of Night  and climaxed in The Book of Life

    And the narration by Jennifer Ikeda is very consistent with the characters.  This is the first book written by Deborah Harkness. She has written other books, but this one stands out as the one that shoots her to the limelight.

    In this tale of obsession and passion, Diana Bishop, a descendant of witches and a young scholar discovers and enchanted and a long-lost alchemical manuscript. The reappearance of the manuscripts summoned a mystical underworld.

    Even though the title of the book will give you a small clue of what is expected, the suspense throughout will keep anyone at the edge of their seat till the end. That is a true representation of a well written romance novel. It may start at a slow pace, but it gradually picks up and continues at a fast pace until the very end.  The plot is very interesting as well as the character representation.

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    Shadow of Night


    6 thoughts on “A Discovery of Witches”

    1. Thang, This is a wonderful book. Yet I dislike 9:00 segments. They make it difficult for visually handicapped to follow. Secondly, despite the fact Toky seems to be searching for revenue . allow me to broach this subject AGAIN. You’ve added the two banner ads to X out of top and bottom three months ago. and those are OK. Your new box ad that stops the stream was quite intrusive when your team added it last month. This months addition is that should the 45 seconds expire on the intrusive box stream stopping ad then the last segment is replayed and the stream freezes. Not only does it freeze and the page becomes unresponsive, but a reload of the page does not solve it, in fact a complete reboot does not allow the stream to advance. I haven’t quite figured out the length of the intrusive freeze, but I’m guessing it is around 3 or 4 hours. It that really what your site designers or advertisers sold your ownership???? Seriously???? You know I’m one of the site’s biggest fans, but fail to make it less intrusive and I will not only leave the site and not recommend it anymore I may get so irritated I will publish an article explaining why I left. Once again I’m not a geek (or even close) but I am a multi book, multi lingual author with over 1500 articles, 9 books (not pamphlets) 4 screenplays published (none in any of the genres Toky publishes). I’m trying to make this constructive criticism, yet I would have rather lauded the author with my time as she is quite talented. Remember: In order for criticism to be credible it requires balance.

    2. For me one of the great joys I find is discovering a new author (form me). I’m just finishing the third book of this series (all three available here!). Miss Harkness is a must read in the genre of High or Epic fantasy. I’m a tough sell with contemporary H or E too. I do love Butcher’s works, yet I’m a easier sell in world building or historically embellished timelines. Miss Harkness blood history is obviously that of a researcher and/ or educator; she’s a brilliant storyteller. I love her pace and timely inflictions of humor (both dry and knee slapping). She also largely writes to the mean of her audience, thus we are not sent scurrying to look up words that are beyond our pay grade. Neither is her work overly sexual or gory, as we see in lesser works. I found the drama to be consistant, although I’m partial to the third book.
      I did enjoy the narration though I might have opted for a female-male reader paring. Nuggets were aplenty with abundant examples of how to be and not to be are there to be mined. I can say absolutely that Miss Harkness’s work is at the apex of women writers in this genre. Yep, that is a BIG statement, yet she’s earned it in a genre dominated by men. This is not a spoiler, but there is a scene with a doctor that was my favorite. I did have an opportunity during my earlier rant (that Toky largely fixed, thanks Thang) to read a handful of chapters and I found these to be most enjoyable as well. I’ll leap on my steed and depart with a nugget for some and just say BRAVA! (not everyone knows BRAVO is what is said to a male is if oft used incorrectly. cKs


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