Murder in Lamut


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    Raymond E. Feist binds his intellectual brain with Joel Rosenberg to produce the second part of a story with three assassins in it. Durine, Kethol, and Pirojil have worked as hired mercenaries for years and they have not lost target in even a single mission. That’s why if any side wants the best men for the job it is to these three they go.

    The trio is actually with no one except money and they work for anyone who gives them more than the other. After fighting wars and killing people for the sake of their personal goals the three have finally found a cool and calm period in life. Not thinking of retirement of course the three try to enjoy the leisure time away from the fighting zone. Crydee under heavy attacks needs men like them but they are at present not ready for such things, they want to enjoy what they had at present. In the mean while an interesting business did strike them and easy money should not be denied at any cost.

    Murder in Lamut

    So they agreed to take the lady and her husband to Lamut, during the journey which does not look tough they had the perfect plan to gossip. However things turn unexpectedly and they are amazed to face the grieve danger for which they were not prepared. Krondor: The Betrayal and Krondor: The Assassins is reminded once again by this part narrated by Matt Bates. This story has the spice of both of these older parts and blends them to an exactness than only Raymond could have achieved. Base is now set for the final part to finish this blockbuster.

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