Finding Me



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    The book seems to be of the subjective type but it is not because the motive behind the book is universal. The author and narrator of the book, Viola Davis tells the listeners about her personal life initially and then she starts motivating the people of the current era to follow her footsteps if they want to succeed in life. She was not successful at the beginning and she became a little tired of her life.

    Unlike other pessimist people Viola never thought of committing suicide rather she motivated herself to take the first step with faith in herself.

    Finding Me

    Viola lost everything in her life including the apartment which she used to own. Then she started rebuilding one block at a time. Building from the ashes is not easy but if the structure is finally rebuilt then it proves the greatness of the character as well. Endure can be another book of the same category which can be considered having the same theme.

    By giving her example, Viola wants to convey the thought that everyone has the potential to succeed in life and it does not matter at which stage he or she is. Just forget the past anxieties and stop worrying about the future because your hard work and determination is going to pave the way for you.

    If you keep on thinking about your past failures then you would not be able to learn from your mistakes. “Finding Me” is about finding yourself or the true personality that is buried somewhere in your mind and it is waiting to get out. Once the true personality takes over then you will start moving towards success.

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